MTV Splistsvilla 9 Winner (2016) Top 3 Finalists Name

MTV Splistsvilla one of the most entertaining youth reality show that totally inspired from an American dating show. In this show there are some tasks that boys and girls mutually complete to impress their partners. The theme of this MTV Splistsvilla season is “Where Women Rule”

The grand finale of the show was on 8th october 2016 at 7pm and the top 3 couples were selected for the finale. The winner of the show are Gurmeet and Kavya.

1. Gurmeet Singh Rehal – Kavya Khurana – Winner


2. Varun Sood VJ – Martina Thariyan and


3. Nikhil Sachdeva – Rajnandini Borpuzari


These all 3 couples will compete for the title of king and queen MTV Splistsvilla 9.

The show host names are Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone.

The participated boys and girls teams names are Warriors and Princess. Below are the names of all the contestants of splitsvilla 9:

Boys (Warriors)

  1.     Gurmeet Singh Rehal
  2.     Nikhil Sachdeva(Nik)
  3.     Varun Sood VJ
  4.     Pratik Kalsi(Quited as couldn’t perfrom finals with Raj due to hand injury)(Eliminated 13th)
  5.     Karan Khanna(Dumped by Kavya)(Eliminated 12th)
  6.     Abhishek Singh Pathania(Dumped by Kavya and Rajnandini)(Eliminated 11th)
  7.     Ayan Khan(Dumped by Rajnandini)(eliminated 10th)
  8.     Zain Abideen(Quit for saving Priya from elimination)(eliminated 9th)
  9.     Karan Chhabra (Dumped by Kavya)(eliminated 8th)
  10.     Aditya Singh Rajput(Dumped By Martina)(eliminated 7th)
  11.     Akhil Kataria (Dumped by Martina)(eliminated 6th)
  12.     Anuranjan Awasthi (Dumped by Martina)(eliminated 5th)
  13.     Milind Manek (Dumped by Martina)(eliminated 4th)
  14.     Harshit Tomar (Dumped by Martina)(eliminated 4th)
  15.     Shubhashish (Dumped by Martina)(eliminated 3rd)
  16.     Ishaan Singh Manhas (Dumped by the princesses)(eliminated 2nd)
  17.     Sushant Mohindru (Dumped by the princesses)(eliminated 1st)

Girls (Princesses)

  1.     Kavya Khurana
  2.     Rajnandini Borpuzari
  3.     Martina Thariyan
  4.     Mia Lakra (Eliminated 6th after losing to Varun and Martina at Semi-Finals)
  5.     Shreeradhe Khanduja (Eliminated 5th as no one paired up with her for the Semi-Finale Task)
  6.     Isha Anand Sharma(Dumped by Kavya and Rajnandini)(Eliminated 4th)
  7.     Priya Haridas(Dumped by Rajnandini and Kavya)(eliminated 3rd)
  8.     Mayuri Das (Dumped by Martina) (eliminated 2nd)
  9.     Niharika Ghai (Evicted after losing to Rajnandini) (eliminated 1st)


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