Bigg Boss 10 (2016) Online Auditions Registration Form Details

The most famous reality show of all time, Bigg Boss will now be coming with the season 10. The online registration for the show has started. This interesting show, which is hosted by Salman Khan, is amongst the top watched shows and rated shows of all time. It is an interesting show and it will soon start with its auditions in different parts of the city. The show has made a huge rage in the industry and also a lot of controversies. The show usually has a lot of celebrities famous and not famous as well. There are many things that usually happen in this show and it is filled with a lot of controversies as well. This show is filled with people who are kept in a house for days and then how they manage things becomes a task for them and that is what makes the show. This time Bigg Boss Season 10 is also open for the people apart from the famous celebs, and anyone who is very interested in this show can be a part of Bigg Boss Season 10. For this you will have to register first.

Last Date for Online Registration:

The last date for the online registration is set declared to be May 31, 2016. All those who want to be a part of this reality show, should start applying at the earliest if you really want to be the part of this famous reality show. Do not wait for the last minute thing, go for it,  apply and be a part of this game.

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How to Apply Online:

  • One is needed to send their best videos to the Bigg boss. Make the best use of the technology and send your best video to the big boss, if the boss like it then you will be given a call.
  • Make sure the video is not a second longer than 3 minutes, if so, and then the videos will be rejected without even viewing. If you do not want them to happen, then please make it within the given time.
  • You will have to apply to the website and you will be required to email your updated photograph and the video.
  • The website where you can apply is –

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